five poems by Steve Ely

 get raped

wasnt there a rumour he was fifteen years old living with cus up there in the catskills post juvie post pigeons post jacking/bedstuy roadwork and sparring and gym everyday fifteen years old a kid needs to relax once in a while get him some well apparently he did they say cus killed the story paid off the broad maybe the cops mike was his boy gone be the best the worlds ever seen no goddamn bookyak gone fuck it all up but whats he learn from that then cus whats he learn then cus croaked and berbick spinks frank bruno etcetera one hundred million bucks he cut loose jim and teddy and threw in with the don and it all went to fuck over buster douglas robyn & mrs givens desiree washington they all got their piece what he got was bankrupt and evanders earlobe see its pimps and whores shysters and conmen fuckers and fucked the bottom lines the bottom line theres a payday for everybody willing to throw themselves onto the train wreck nothing pays like victimhood so why dont you get raped why dont you get raped why dont you get raped go and get fucked

john x

a man whose violent behaviour is so ambitious and remorseless that he is wholly beyond the deterrent reach of the law judge nicholas posner

burning burning burning i fell between my mothers legs carrying a shank dont fuck with me

the storm drain on jackson and sixth chains pipes switchblades assholes want it they gone get it

get out of the car bitch ill shoot you in the face GET OUT THE FUCKING CAR

yeah i done some juvie time whats it to ya ya want some fuckers i dont give a shit how many they are

get off my back jarhead quit picking on me the fuck you mean i cant see my girl motherfucker BOOM

no joint can hold me copper ill cut your fucking throat oh man the fucking armory BOOM BOOM BOOM

flicking water in my face you think thats funny hey asshole your nose is broke you laughing now

toad fitting to rape me hell i was down with those guys fuck that now you like steel nigger die bitch die

maximum security my ass hey screw you want some paint cans tv sets wheeeee! bring it motherfuckers

we yoked this nigger the fellas owed the spics so it had to be done life plus fifty boofuckinghoo

karma lot

what is fame anyway but transitory celebrity somehow cast in brass a haircut headshot soundbite smile yeah thatll do it that plus checking out like james dean live fast die young and leave a good looking corpse from the front anyway this jug eared silver spoon lace curtain mick a bona fide war hero dont look too close a published author dont look too close fresh faced all american boy tacking to starboard in windbreaker and yacht shoes dont look too close [a tubercular cripple whacked out on quackdope for his addisons crohns and celiac diseases ‘urethritis’ ulcers adrenal insufficiency] he had it all but wealth and power corrupt cook county bay of pigs operation mongoose he sold his soul to the devil and the devil always collects see i dont think he thought for a second that the rules of the universe ever applied to him because his old man taught him one thing and one thing only anything you want because you can buy it men women silence the white house for example but theres an old west end proverb you can judge a man by the company he keeps dave frank pete old joe lil bro fiddle faddle feelgood FUCKED what i remember was his sporty young hairstyle what i remember was his levi sta prest what i remember was eight seconds of zapruder the devil always collects ask jimmy carlos santo mo triangulation crossfire

the jack (hero boys)

he gave me his mind he gave me his body but he gave it to anybody gaycdc

a round of applause for jack he lost his cherry at platos retreat giving as good as he got and then some hot stuff they all were bruce lance julian hero boys gleetings to you all kok hung the korean desk clerk loved them but the excessive venery irritated dick no good will come of it that was straight up the end turned nasty penicillin salvarsan freddies mercury in vain hot piss rectal chancres kaposis sarcoma promiscuous arsekoitai left us all fucked those of us remaining retreated into germ free monogamy and beat ourselves off to memories of the mat room a twenny four seven mongolian cluster fuck jesus just thinking about it i can feel my cock burning

the life and times of britney spears

1981 sometimes its hard to tell the real from the fake the permanent from the transitory the substantive from the flash in the pan moment v moment the world turns a maternity ward in mccomb mississippi reagan arafat friedman brezhnev thatcher von hayek sands nkomo john hinckley jnr file the copy let posterity run it or spike it

1987 twinkle toes academy as recommended by her agent classical modern and tap one step two step three step development strategy by 2050 all two thousand million of them will live like deng xiaoping send me your grain your scrap metal your unrefined crude meanwhile in paktia province near the village of jaji bin laden took a slug in the metatarsal taking down the spetznaz with blowpipes and stingers m-i-c k-e-y m-o-u-s-e moment v moment can you feel the world turning

1989-1992 eight year old wants to make it she better be a shark madonna drew barrymore jonbenet ramsey ruthless starsearch hollywood frenzy because the prize ohmigod the prize a billion dollars you can live like sting in beverley hills rainforest greenhouse yanomani lip plate dont you know that an area the size of switzerland france alaska brazil and its not just the trees coming down the berlin wall now you got a reason they sold off the rubble for greenbacks thats the way to do it yeltsin jabbed gorbachov on live tv incipit roman abramovich single european market desert storm ruby ridge federal juggernaut running outta control moment v moment can you feel the world turning

1993 michael eisner threw a party for the new kids there was justin christina ted turner rupert murdoch these boffins from mit some nerd from seattle buncha hard working asians bringing fibreoptic cable satellite tv msdos windows world transforming geek shit michael jackson lured jordy to his gingerbread theme park david koresh turned semis to full automatic from wacko to waco janet renos apocalypse moment v moment can you feel the world turning princess di was there and ohmigod madonna virgin whore terrible bitch goddess next door

1998ff BOOM everything went supernova in no particular order uss cole the nairobi truck bomb do that to me one more time you got it dar es salaam pentagon twin towers oops i did it again britneybinladenbinladenbritney has anyone ever seen them together worlds most powerful celebrity man of the year he lammed it to a cave in the karakoram she tongue plunged madonna and shacked up on mtv meanwhile in beijing and new delhi three billion people are aspiring to hummers and cell phones robert from kolkata took control of my screen and said he liked my desktop nathans lit up at night thats a beautiful market sir in six months hell be snarfing a frank and registering at suny londons becoming the suburb of the world white flight plutocrats mittal sinawatra beshinevski running from the squalor and secret police theyll need maids drivers gardeners security but the natives wont do it prefer watching tv on their social welfare asses hence serbs filipinos pakistanis poles ghanaians kurds turks you know those guys the emergence of colleen mccloughlin moment v moment can you feel the world turning

2008 hopped up on goofballs bitch shaved off her hair got sectioned to the ding farm she had a good run but the iron laws of celebrity say its not over yet trangression feeds abasement feeds repentance feeds COMEBACK osamas still sub rosa hauling his dialysis machine around the hindu kush or downtown islamabad the isi know but theyre not saying saddams in his hole the talibs are painting their toenails and applying eyeliner you can buy a blackberry in ulan bator a skinny latte in mogadishu the slavs are moving west africans moving north and across the atlantic from lagos and dakar to dulles international theyre all going to business school large earthquake in china subcontinental tsunaumi crashing in the bay of bengal rippling through the world cnn newscorp gazprom google david beckhams bigger than the galaxy his face could sell genocide and it probably will richard gere groping shilpa shetty on zee tv crazed brahmins and vaishyas burning effigies in slumstreets and these rig veda throwbacks are nuked to the gills next door its even worse you can justify anything with allahu akhbar saw off a mans head flay children with acid s scary sideshow but theres a bigger context these guys got nothing they tried socialism nationalism religious revival and they still got squat what they really want is self esteem and a range rover but ill tell you my friends they wont get it from opec or al qaeda look to the east look to the west moment v moment cant you feel the world turning


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  1. Punctuationless writing can be a pain, but this guy …

  2. I was at school with Deng Xaoping and I tell you, the guy’s got a bad press. Oy!

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