A Town So Nice… by Scurvy Bastard

Yesterday I saw a man in a wheelchair
having a shit in the middle of 8th Avenue
Actually it was the right lane
A truck was parked along the curb
and in a desperation of dignity
he preferred to wheel himself into a traffic lane
beside the truck
rather than be displayed unto pedestrian perusal
I saw him because the truck pulled away
as he was attempting to wipe his ass
He was struggling and crying,
eyes shut tightly, with one hand gripping an armrail
balanced like an acrobat
A homeless man
A lost man
A man

I didn’t help him
I chose not to
and walked on
as the stained newspaper pages blew across the street
through an army of clockwork feet
On the way home
I passed several people walking dogs
each armed with a plastic bag
ready to scoop and wrap
A few were in action on bended knee
Some smiling and offering kudos
as the dogs would wag their tails
anticipating the warmth of home

I feel no guilt
and that is what I feel guilty about


One Response

  1. well said and remarkably sad

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