poems by Glen Lantz


one bottle of red wine/ half empty/ listening to BB King and Eric Clapton/ digging on the blues/ the same as always/ the only thing different is me/ not a big different, just different/ different from yesterday and different from tomorrow/ just plain different that’s all/ like puddles with rainbows/ somehow different/ then an evil and foul mood passed over me/ it made me hate to be me, hate to be alive/ wishing that some things would stay the same/ putting them in a glass case/ preserving them for all time/ like in a museum/

the protest babes were all out/ decked out in riot gear/ throwing stop signs onto the fire/ burning everything/ the streets all ablaze/ throwing objects from windows/ feeding the flames/ faces masked by plastic shields/ in the middle of America/ they grab handfuls of injustice and shove it in your face/ and then they cage you like an animal/ you are no longer a human/ cinderblock and concertina wire/ you have no rights/ shut the fuck up and die/

haunting us long and hard/ that’s the way she wants it/ I heard her ask the secretary/ being suspicious of life/I leaned in closer to hear more/ I hung on every carpet fiber/ the opposite of what it means/ some sort of truthful world/ that doesn’t actually exist/ stagnating in a bourgeois hell/ she pulls behind her a gong/ in a little red wagon/ clangs it every hour/ rain or shine/ she is pernicious with her precision/ punctual with her persistence/ it has to be her Protestant upbringing/ Calvinism and the work ethic/ on her hands and knees giving it all she’s got/ proselytizing Tangiers/ raising a cash crop/ getting ahead of the crowd/ when she’s working, she reveals a naked honesty/ that thing we rarely find encapsulated in a human being/

she chugs the last of my wine/ wipes her mouth with her hand/ and tells me that most humans aren’t worth spit/ most people have no business making moral judgments/ they are not equipped to do such a thing/ at least not in a meaningful way/ but that doesn’t stop them/ they keep on moralizing and stinking up the high heavens/ most people are truly scumbags because of their moral judgments/ most people would shake all over and piss themselves at the thought of being completely honest/ they just can’t do it/ being honest means revealing yourself/ exposing yourself/ and most want to hide within themselves/ keep everything hidden within/ waiting for the perfect wave/ the tsunami/


She has on a miniskirt, tights, army boots, and a little house on the prairie bonnet/ she blows her nose on an old man’s intestine/ wrings it out just for fun/ she sells talent on the street corner/ saving up her quarters to buy some luck/ practices kung fu in the park/ standing on one leg and kicking/ just like the karate kid/ calls her sweet little mother on Sunday nights/ just to fill her head with lies/ she came from circus people/ the bearded lady and the dog faced boy/ it was a love made in heaven/ freaks on parade/

she went to the store the other day and brought home a large bag of tools/ she said that they were necessary for her to express her talent/ we all should increase our god given talents/ her talents were of the sexual nature/ we all do it/ we all love it/ we all want it/ but only if it’s fashionable/ our positions dictated by the latest celebrity sex tape/ sexual penetration by a foreign object/ attempted oral copulation/ we study the trial transcripts for the gory details/ we want to know who forced who into giving oral sex while two friends watched/ we have detached the head from the body/ we only want the naked body/ and not the mind that goes with it/ we lunge after the physical being afraid of the intimate/ we are diminished by its magic/ the normal does not apply/ stabbing in the back and twisting/ three or four times/ trying her damndest to kill/

she is the origin of joy/ the quicksand of pleasure/ running away from bad dreams/ 600 miles of hard road/ advertising on the back page/ everyone is a whore/ selling their body or selling their soul/ creeping out behind the door/ stepping into the sunlight/ exposing the evil of an everyday life/ the lies that we hide behind/

streaming past in unbroken parade/ against step and collapsed/ get up and fall down/ the confusion fits into gladness/ it still shoots true/ they whisper and whistle/ a slap in the face that brings healing/ driving into the fray/ stepping into the wind/ I still got the shovel/ afraid to loosen the grip/ halfway there as we light the sacrificial fire/ we are confident of our results/


blue eyes over pale/ feeding the horrible/ the monster in your head/ mocking like the crows/ circling like the wolf/ the lone hungry wolf/ that forgot you are on the top of the food chain/ his bible isn’t bound in black leather/ and he just isn’t buying it tonight/ he knows all humans must fall short/ all miss the mark/ and his hunger tells him you are fallen/ his white teeth tell him you no longer pray to god/ he is full of incitement and promise/ sinking into the torturous/ the gathered twinge of longing/ wanting to be held by the wolf’s hunger/ to be flung out onto the dawn/ a new beginning/ fluent ripples/ there is no salvation to be found/ no salvation in man/ mankind is an animal waiting to devour/ waiting to murder and kill/ to kill in the name of someone or something/ you gotta kill for something or it is wrong/ we don’t want to be wrong/ but we want to kill/ and the wolf continues to circle/ around in our hearts and minds/

One Response

  1. Great talent for bringing you into his painting, excellent use of english language while not requiring a dictionary. Altogether an enjoyable and interesting read.

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