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And for the first time in my life, it doesn’t bother me. Gettin old, I guess. London was nice, as always; got to meet people – Grace Andreacchi and her husband Edward Hadas, Steve Finbow, Melissa Mann, Scurvy Bastard and his pal Steve, Matthew Coleman, Jo Mortimer, Joe Ridgwell, and his blushing bride to be. Can’t beat that. Coleman’s one of the few people I’d cross an ocean to meet. The others too, you could talk to them forever. Like Scurvy – been on the road for nigh on 40 year – seen and done a few things. Travelling’s a bit hectic though, for a geezer. Flights should be closer together without long waits in the airport; or farther apart, without running through Ohare to catch your flight just as they’re boarding. Is okay for kids, but takes a toll on the aged. Someday I might have to plan a vacation, or would that spoil all the fun?


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