baby i’m ready to go – Melissa Mann’s new poetry release from GJ Publishing


A poetry book… but not as we know it

baby, i’m ready to go is a break-the-rules collection of poems that’s not afraid to mess with convention. it’s a poetry book that mixes the radical with the traditional – the anarchy of dialect and free verse, with the conformity of rhyme and traditional poetic forms. and that’s not the only thing that sets this collection apart. baby, i’m ready to go achieves that rarest of things, intimacy with the reader. from the teaser first lines at the start, to the closing interview with the writer by various punk bands, this is a book that wants to get close to you, wants to speak to you. and it does. through the poems of course, and through the background notes at the end of the book as well. like the banter between songs at a gig or cliffs notes designed to make you fail the exam, the notes provide a rare insight into the writer’s thinking.

baby, i’m ready to go takes us to the extremes of the M1, from the two-up-two-downs of the writer’s native yorkshire, to the urban masai mara of inner-city london via a town called me, population one. a knowing, edgy collection, baby, i’m ready to go shows us the wonderful and funny in the weird, banal and ugly. it reminds us of the cruelty and sadness that is life and other people.

so, if you like your poems florid, saccharine and bbc poetry season-approved, baby, i’m ready to go ain’t for you. best try some dead poet with a title, or your nearest branch of clinton cards. if, however, you prefer your poetry alive and well and living in the real world, beg, steal, borrow… or preferably buy this book from baby, i’m ready to go – one for all you lovers, loners, heart breakers and jimmy saville worshippers out there. POETRY IS DEAD. LONG LIVE POETRY!


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