poems by Mike Meraz 

I’m A Genius, You Know…
she started to tell me
what is wrong with my writing.
“you’re good,” she said,
“but you lack detail.”
“of course.”
“you write like you are talking
rather than in a story form.”
“yes,” I said.
“you’re full of bull shit.”
“uh huh.”
“you need to use more metaphors.”
“how come you don’t
get your stuff out there?”
I asked her.
“I have submitted to magazines,”
she said.
“well, how about a blog.
you know blogs are popular these days.
and it give others a chance to check out your work.”
“no,” she said, “I am too good for a blog.
I want to be published by a real publisher.
I’m a genius, you know.”
“oh,” I said.
she is no longer writing.
she lives with an old man in Mexico.
they have two kids and a dog named Chico.
she still hasnt been published.
and no one has yet to read her work.

She Is Passion
she hates
just as much
as she loves.

and that is a lot.

she fights
just as much
as she caresses.
and that she never stops.
she IS passion.
it runs both ways.
letters are merely numbers
that when put in the right order
add up to something good.
it’s not about reading immortal poems
of the english language
or going to the local poetry hole.
its about tapping into
the human technology,
tapping into the digits
that matter.
The Little Death Poem
death lingers
in my pjs.
talks to me
in my sleep.
at midnight.
in my bones.
in my brain.
shuts out
all sound.
I’m desolate.
walks away.


3 Responses

  1. All awesome writes, Loved “She is Passion” it contains a very true statement that Passion is rowdy no matter what and that kind of relationship is always intense.

  2. there is a lot of truth in your poems. Great write.

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