Bullet for the recognition by marieClair 2009

I feel small today
small and tight, round
all tissue reduced to
muscles taut
nerves wound to
breaking point,
plucked notes like
wired sound

small, derringer
ready to fire
eager to kill

evil stands there
large, broad
as the dead moon
it eclipses

the corona is
it is bloody red
before it passes
leaving the sky cold
and lifeless

what passes for human
what can be celebrated
emulated, cheered on

what hidden monsters
with closed claws and
mouths of steel
throw dogs to die
defeated, drowning in
pools of human waste,

monster waste
what maddened creatures
rip organs from desperate men
stitching them up with
dollars to feed their starving
souls of need

what well fed gluttons
hog the troughs for more
to feast upon as the
blood of the innocent
runs from their lips

what lizard being
runs amok in the brain
and steals a young life..
lust drenched coward
prancing with desire
to be a man
when he knows he is
a Frankenstein
stitched together from
bits of his ruined life

The earth is a blue
spun ball traveling
within the darkest black
of silent night

I am loaded into retribution
and mourn the loss of light,
the primitive illusion as
man burns fire to reach
the stars


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