Art Words by Francis Raven


Early March Poem

The star magnolia is more like stars falling
Especially if you take your glasses off.
Take your glasses off! They are wrong!
Has anyone ever said that you see too well?
Well, I’m telling you now.
It is treated as another tree, a naturalized version
Of what you haven’t yet seen. Not that you couldn’t.
It’s not beyond the realm of experience
Just beyond yours. You haven’t seen enough.
Don’t you hate it when people tell you
That you haven’t bee living your life enough?
Maybe you should tell them
That they’ve been living it too much:
Stealing recipes, forging the feeling of deliciousness
Then writing it down, forcing others to read it:
Making people feel like their lives aren’t quite as fabulous
As yours. Well, I am possessed by the opposite of envy
(I think my life is better than yours)
And I hope you are too, which doesn’t mean that I don’t judge you
Because I do
But merely that
I know perfectly well
That you judge me too: Spring frosts can damage the flowers.

im finished

Blue Jeans

“Nothing comes between me and my Calvins.”

To patent[1] and evade history[2]
Legal primitive accumulation
Riveting stress points
            white warp
            navy woof
Born dark and hard
For the laborer needs color
While the dandy can afford to weakly fade.

Choice,[3] symbolizing the American goodlife,
is our common dilemma.
Value is the faded,
Darkest is the dorkiest,
But the almost nonexistent lightest is the
Easiest to wear
Appearance of natural
                                    You know
            We’re not old.

They don’t look actually worn, staring,
The design, a little too precise,
Whether crosses or lightening bolts,
Is not the voice of man,
But a techno representation of our smoky steps.
Against the tragic acidwash: to pummel with stone,
                        Scrape, like teeth scrape mango from the skin,
                                    Beneath dye’s penetration.[4]

“Ergo, the longer the wash, the lighter the jeans.”

[1] Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis’s 1873 patent (# 139,121) was for an “Improvement in “Fastening Pocket-Openings.”
[2] ‘Denim’ is derived from ‘serge de nimes’ & ‘Jeans’ is derived from ‘Genoese.’
[3] Levi’s 501’s come in 108 sizes and 20 different fabrics.
[4] A stonewash for 150 pairs of jeans takes 150 kilos of pumice stone and more than 750 liters of water.


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