poems by Lena Vanelslander

A Talesome Tell

Merciless he stood beside her feet
The final stroke was about to blow
When he heard this sound
An awkward moaning, whaling if you will.

Checking out, god knows there would be testifies
He came into a pink room
where a small baby waited for milk
Stretching it’s innocent hands

to the blooded bat in his hands.
For a second he was confused
As if this rock of a heart
had been touched for the first time in so many years
Would he spare her, or orphan a child?
A tear rolled down his cheek,
he stood up and cast the final stone.

Something New, Old and Borrowed

Something new
A sunrise to set
A rainbow to catch
In a world of possibilities
If it were only true …
I’d agree.

Something old
Memories gone by
painfull or to cherrish
good and bad
something in between?
All I know is from a torn soul
Less good than bad, but some …
some in that undefinable grey zone
we call life.

Something borrowed
Traits of your personality
Some sanctified, some disdained
From furious anger till passion unlimited
Let’s just say …
that the world itself is limited.

Something new, something old and something borrowed
The marriage can begin
Open the curtains
It’s showtime
Let the audience in!


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