two poems by Ross Vassilev


you’re a loser

if everywhere you go
you gotta walk through
alleys filled with
garbage cans and
cigarette butts
and broken glass

and every time you see
pink clouds at sunset
you think it’s the Gods
painting the sky in

and the lyrics to
Social Distortion songs
really are the story
of your life

and you think all the girls
have butterfly wings
but hide them from

and there’s nowhere
you gotta be cuz you’re
unemployed and
hoping to stay that way
for as long as you can.


looking up at the sky

white clouds
in a sea of blue

yellow flowers beside
the dirt trail

and small
white butterflies

(they only live
maybe 6 days).

there’s nowhere
I need to be

no one is waiting
for my input
on anything

the cars speeding
from one place
to another have
nothing to do
with myself.

I’m a balloon
with hair

I’m a poem
with no grammar
no syntax
and the words
don’t mean a thing.


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