One Way (Not Recommended) to Overcome Loneliness by Bill Roberts

Study kids, watch them at malls,
idling along the street,
stopped in the middle of nowhere
somewhere, with a cellphone
to the ear, blathering away
to a friend who might be no more
than a hundred feet away,
animated in monosyllabic
conversation, but always the question,
Wha’s happenin’?
short pause for answer,
then another innocuous comment.
Yes, look at them.
She what’s happening, or
wha’s happenin’.
Simple. They’re overcoming
loneliness, by the most effective means
they know how – talking,
barely listening, barely communicating
on a portable phone,
giving them a connection to something,
someone, validating their meager
existence, hiding the fact that
they have no other visible means
of conquering their smallness
in a terribly lonely world.


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