Too Sleepy to Sleep
So Typing
Like Puppet Of Lonesome Madman
With Busted Strings by Bradley Mason Hamlin

6 am
eyes open pop
to hour of owl
with jazz in head
piano, Monk …
old navy habit
to wake up
unless sedated
no matter time zone
or how late you stay up
6 am
and looking out early
morning window
thinking about
the naked woman
while moon breathes cold telepathy
out there
over birds
burning in branches
she stirs
curves and blonde
and dreaming
and me drinking warm beer
from night before
and awake always
like those mornings
sitting and waiting on cold
steel deck
staring at black ocean
all that life
dark and lonely and raw
and me time traveling
fingertips buzzing
and trying not to think
the job
and how much it costs
to keep a good blonde
in red wine
and pearls.


One Response

  1. it costs maybe so much to keep her in the pearls and wine but it is worth it, yes?

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