two poems by Marc Carver


I look at the love in his eyes.
It is all love,
filled with love.
Sometimes he lays in my lap
and I knead his hair
And I am fairly sure
that time, does not exist, at all.

When he smiles my heart opens.
He is everything to me
And not
a thing less.
How is it possible to love someone so much?

I want to be there when he wakes up
And there when he falls asleep.
I want to walk and talk and laugh with him.

I want to hold him in my arms
Tighter and tighter
From the beginning,
and when night
takes over
from day.

Terry four

I feel just like Terry now.
No job.
No real prospects in life.
I feel good.

I realised he was the one that had it right
not all those people at work telling me to keep my head down.
They were the ones
who their wives were divorcing or shagging other blokes.
They were treating them as fools
but still they kept hold off it
because, it was all they had.

They knew blokes like Terry as well
and thought that they were the fools.
You can do what you are told all your life
but it will bring you nothing.
You will still sit in that old people’s home
right next to the man that did whatever he wanted
All his life, in fact he might still be out there banging young woman while you are in the grave.

Yea, the first time I met Terry, I knew he had it right
and all of us
Had it wrong.


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