Heartbreak Makes the World Go Round by Mike Hammer

Three men, Harry, Jimmy and Tony are in a kitchen with a table and a ceiling fan/light. Harry paces back and forth while he talks, Jimmy and Tony are seated at the table. On the table are bills scattered everywhere, a toaster, gleaming silver, covered and surrounded with breadcrumbs. There is an open bag of bread and an open jar of peanut butter, the lid rests beside it on the table. Jimmy holds a butter knife in his hand covered with peanut butter, there is an unopened jar of marmalade jelly beside the peanut butter.

Harry: The fact is, love doesn’t make the world go round. Heartbreak makes the world go round. When you’re in love, you sit at home and you hold hands, maybe you rent a movie and you cuddle. It’s good to be in love, it’s good to fucking cuddle and hold hands and have someone to keep you warm at night but that’s not making the world go round. Heartbreak runs the world. Heartbreak is the mother of all invention. Heartbreak is the reason men climb mountains and build bombs. Heartbreak looks the same on any block, in any part of town, in any nation. Heartbreak is the great communicator.

Everyone needs a good heartbreak before they start living. Once you’ve had your heart broken you can go out and build mountains, start storms, save rainforests, you can get to it with a vengeance. People who don’t know heartbreak sit at home and read books and write songs about heartbreak. People who don’t know heartbreak have never had a beer, cried it all out and then drank those tears, because they missed them.

It’s girls who’ve had their hearts broken that comb the city streets on weekends, in skimpy outfits. It’s guys who’ve had their hearts broken that go into peep shows in Times Square.

I don’t think we know enough about heartbreak, we gotta study it, harness it and use it. We gotta be able to swallow heartbreak, we gotta eat it like one of them mad motherfuckers who sprays mace in his own eyes and smiles about it.

I wanna see a movie where the ending is a heartbreak, and the beginning is a heartbreak and everything in between is a heartbreak. The whole thing is a heartbreak. The soundtrack is a heartbreak, the scenery is heartbreak, heartbreak is the damn dialogue.

Jimmy: Why the hell do we wanna study heartbreak? Nobody hopes for heartbreak, they hope to fall in love. Don’t you think that once you’re in love, it’s a beautiful thing and we should work on …

Harry: Shit dude, you study your opponent to beat him in a game or on the battlefield – so if you wanna be in love you should study heartbreak so you can beat it, but, fuck love. I mean, haven’t you been listening to me, fuck love. I mean love, love is a great thing but heartbreak, that’s a motherfucking spectacle. Heartbreak is the greatest show on earth. It’ll drive a person from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean, down one side of a cliff and up the other, it’ll make you insane. Now that’s what you want.

Tony: Harry, man, it’s just a, you know, ah, a, uh, whaddaya call it, figure of speech. Just a figure of speech “Love Makes the World go Round” a lotta people say it. I’m sorry I said it, ya know. I’m sorry. It’s just a figure of speech.

Harry: Yeah, just a figure of speech.



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