Russell Bittner – #4

Kristen Fouquet – St Stephens Gargoyle

Aleathia Drehmer – Upstate New York

Michael Jacobson – Action Figures

Randy Thurman – artwork

Peter Schwartz – paintings

Criz de Reve – artwork

Misti Rainwater-Lites – photos

Kathy Polenberg – paintings

George Morrison – paintings

Jeff Crouch – images

Sketches – Arthur Covey

Annie Bailey – photos

Ernest Williamson lll – four paintings

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  1. Film Review: There Will Be Blood

    The 2007 film ‘There Will Be Blood,’ written for the screen and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, rightly deserves its place as an American epic masterpiece. This haunting and highly involved tale revolves around the life of independent oilman, Daniel Plainview ( Daniel Day – Lewis ), and his adopted son, as they search for ‘black gold’ within the rough terrain of the California desert at the turn of the 20th century. Daniel Plainview’s ambition as an oil entrepreneur is a fiercely rugged journey, fascinatingly portrayed in parallel to the historical development of the Industrial Revolution; and it is both achieved and challenged by Evangelist preacher, Eli Sunday (Paul Dano). This ironic, dark battle of divided egos proves to be a remarkably insightful glimpse into the duality of human nature, that is unforgettably profound and frighteningly disturbing.

    Like master director, Stanley Kubrik before him, Paul Thomas Anderson’s characters are insidiously revealed and thoroughly investigated. The soundtrack supplied by Jonny Greenwood is reminiscent of ‘The Shining’ and it effectively supports the lingering eeriness riddled throughout the film. Actor Daniel Day – Lewis commands the role as conflicted atheist existentialist, Daniel Plainview. New comer Paul Dano plays the role of equally power hungry and hypocritical, Eli Sunday, with a raw intensity that only very few actors can maintain on the screen without being overshadowed by the domineering presence of character actor, Daniel Day – Lewis. Both actors successfully play their roles as polar opposites with little more than an all consuming greed in common.

    ‘There Will Be Blood’ is not for the faint of heart. A discerning eye is required for this tricky, nightmarishly brutal and psychologically honest feast of a film.The film champions the Academy Award for Best Actor ( Daniel Day – Lewis ) and Best Cinematography ( Robert Elswit, ASC) for year 2007.

    Please take note, that I highly recommend you view the film more than once in order to savor in all of the nuances of duplicity in this highly complex and engaging work of art. Five stars!

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