George Morrison


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  1. LOVE these! any info on sizes of the works? and medium?

  2. Kathy, I didn’t know George all that well, though he was a lifelong friend of my father. I believe he always painted oil on canvas; but in his latter years he finally found his new medium, which was assembling wood collages.

    When we went to his house in ’76 – it was an old church marvellously restored to be home and studio, George had a number of large pastel horizon sea scapes in sort of a pointalist presentation. And there were also the wood collages, on a large scale – four by six foot, or so.

    You can follow the Wikipedia links to his bio and many of his displayed works. The one thing I always liked about George, besides that he was such a nice fellow, he always had a calm certainty that what he was doing was great art.

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