Peter Schwartz



The Burden of Age

The Death of Luxury

4 Responses

  1. interesting designs and colors.

  2. Some cool pieces, Peter! So nice to come across your work again.

    • Wow, what a blast from the past! I haven’t seen you since you tricked me into crashing my moped into that store window. Good times, thanks for the love yo.

  3. Peter!

    What medium, these wonderful creations?

    I have travelled North and South
    to find you East of my new West–
    this time, I wandering, you,
    the wonder who once sought my
    thoughts, now aged. Now aged,

    I fall behind your steps, eyes wide
    before this strike of luck to see
    you soar beyond those astral plans.
    That want which thrusts the spirit
    guides your hand, as your mind
    pours out its dream unto itself
    and for my pleasure–I recall, the
    young, the old, the always now.

    gypsy old

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