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  1. America has always been and should remain a secular society. A true Democracy can not, by definition, promote one religion over another, and I fear our politics are being increasingly influenced by the fundamentalist right; an authority that is only adding fuel to the fire of our current war over terrorism.

    Internationally, America’s reputation is under fire. Protests against our politics are not isolated events being reared by only the Islamic nations. Many of our more liberal minded neighbors in Europe are withdrawing their support of our political agendas, proclaiming us to be not only greedy Imperialists, but also terrorists, whose religious sentiments are clouding our judgments and inflicting our diplomatic relations with bias. Never before in our nation’s history have we failed in such matters of international affairs, as we have suffered now under the Bush administration. Never before has evangelism so flourished in our country, commingling in politics to such a degree, that it has become nearly synonymous to the notion of ‘The United States of America’ abroad. These are critical times in which we unwitteningly reside, and support from the United Nations is vital to our survival and security. Our military is already too thinly dispersed to protect us from a pending WWIII. A war that is frighteningly becoming a ‘Holy war’ with the intent on perpetuating and fulfilling biblical prophecies, that is dismantling our goals of instigating true democracies –secular societies promoting individual freedoms and equal rights.

    When any nation makes a statement that associates them with a singular religious belief, that nation is no longer democratic. America was founded by such religious freedoms, and we need to uphold this political theory to remain the refuge to the many oppressed peoples escaping such authoritarian governments. It is only through secularism, can we remain impartial judges and leaders. In contrast to the many oppressed nations that we do defeat, we can not allow religion to dominate our political policies. To do so, may only be construed as hypocrisy for which we stand, and disjointed we will fall.
    reprinted article from

    written by jennifer Cuddy

  2. With due respect to Ms. Cuddy, america was founded on no such democratic theory as religeous freedom. Rather- the founding of this great experiment and republic created outlaws upon the soil of indigenous people and agriculture (which evolved as industry) in place of acclimation.

  3. America was founded by those who were escaping the throttle of Monarchy; and Democracy by definition, allows for religious freedoms. Any other interpretation is a misinterpretation of Democracy.

    i have full sympathy for the disintegration and segregation of the indiginous Native Americans.

    do you think we should not be politically a secular society? what happened to the good ole’ days when we used to make fun of the Tammy Faye Bakers of evangelism?

  4. America was incorporated for financial reasons and the document that declared the territoies independant was deliberately written by the founders with built-in premeditated ambiguity so as to leave the meaning of the language open to future interpretations (regardless of who would inherit benificially- that was specifically not the lawyers concern.) My position is that America as you have identified it was not founded the way we now find it. It was occupied and then it declared itself an incorporated possession of its trustees.

    Social evolution brought what freedoms exist now, after generations of peoples had already lived and died working within the industrialized corporate structure they were born into as Americans. But this is not how america identified itself upon its founding.

    I guess I am referring to a different historic context maybe, because of the vocabulary (ie “founded.”)

    The aboriginal people had a “religion” but America did and does feel free to define religion and then identify what systems do and do not fit the definition- thus giving itself permission to recognize and to deny rights of it’s citizens to affiliate and practice.

  5. hmm..not sure what religions this country denies the right to practice.

    my point, however, is that this country is reeking of a fundamentalist christian ideology that is being incorporated into out political policies. and these people are frighteningly bigoted, delusional, hypocritically self righteous and they are breeding like minded little tots, by brainwashing them from the get go.

    these people need to be gathered and shot! haha jk

  6. again, my thought is that religious ideology needs to be removed from our political and/or judiciary policies. ethics is part of our evolvement as being ‘human’. we don’t need religion to know the difference between right and wrong, which in my opinion needs NOT to be thought of in merely black/white terms.

    reverting back to religion is not, in my opinion, progressive; but is instead taking a step backwords in modern philosophy. fundamentalism, fanaticism..are the destroyers of world peace, and it is critically important that this type of thinking be discouraged from influencing our politics.

  7. I do beg your pardon – I did not understand this was an anti religeon and pro secular opinion piece.

    I was only speaking to the historic inaccuracies as to how and why the United States was founded (i e that the reasons had not a thing to do with freedom of religion, and couldn’t be applied in a rallying cry, as a template for what we need to do about the here and now.)

    Thank you for this interesting dialogue.

  8. no worries, i was intrigued by your responses.. šŸ™‚

  9. …when the euro museum closed and hung it’s
    society on the walls, the crowds who mill about
    its halls had to go somewhere, younger sons,
    surplus daughters, and we expanded to america
    where we could offer a 4 silver dollar bounty on
    a squaw and her child in 1713 in new hampshire
    and get away with it, and other mighty christian
    endeavors we try not to talk about when in church.
    now we are creating a similar elite to the one
    that pushed us across the pond, we’re not
    quite ready to be a museum yet, but working on
    it, hanging our portrait gallery and moving west
    to raymond chandler’s LA, largest mexican city
    outside mexico.
    if the elite prospers as the supreme court and
    tax cuts want it to, they will need a dogmatic
    religion to guard their privileges and numb
    the rowdier souls yearning to be free of their
    bushwah, and prop up laic doublespeak with
    the episcopal catholic version, the idea being
    its harder to fight 2 or 3 snakes than one.
    america has been founded, as lief ericcson
    said in imperfect english, and, to quote the
    iron horse of castille, now it’s foundered.

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