Victoria Clayton Munn – A Prayer of the Flesh

Donna Vitucci – Aspirations

Dan Gee – Swansea Doesn’t Understand You

David LaBounty – Along the Automatic Path

Jeremy LoCurto – The Color of the Sun

Steve Porter – Dusty Springfield

Steve Young – The Score

Joseph Veronneau – three shorts

Dan Tracy – I Remember Mama

Martin Reed – Undo

J. Michael Niotta – two stories

Justin Hyde – At the truck-stop on Halloween

Dan Pretzer – A Further

Sean McGahey – I and I

Paul Corman Roberts – Easy Points

Aleathia Drehmer – The Runner

Crystal Folz – Olive Water; three shorts

Conor MadiganBy Clutching the Little Decedent

Alan Kelly – The Pursuit of Love

Verless Doran – Lyrics

Luis Berriozabal – They Call Me Names

Taylor Carola – Derrick and Alondra

Sean McGrady – two stories

Katherine Mason – two stories

Steven McDermott – Dock Rules

Brent Powers – The Case

Janet Yung – X Amount

Eric Suhem – Arnie Hippie

Carl Schinasi – Abe Belinsky Like A Moth

Zack Wilson – Escape

Christopher Nosnibor – Talk, Talk, Talk

Errid Farland – Alive

Nathan Tyree – The Light Of Infinite Stars

Joseph Ridwell – three stories

Tim Hall – The Writing Workshop

Matthew David Scott – Baseball

Tom Bradley – High Tone Professional Classical Restaurant Harpist…

Mathias Nelson – The Most Beautiful Woman I’ve Ever Met

Mick Brazel – Fine Happy

Hugh Fox – What Do You Do On Sundays

Jenn Ashworth – My New House Hates Me

C. Edward Anable – The Profit of Avenue A

Robert Aquino Dollesin – Dakota Street

Bill Ectric – Miss Glenly’s Dreadful Room

Pat King – The Meat Suite (Apocalypse Rising)

Pat King – The Redneck Kafka

Pablo Vision – My Mother’s House

Max Dunbar – Ash

Levi Asher – Apparition

Gary Beck – one act play

Matt Finney- Being Chris Benoit

Michael Kechula – Fifty Bucks

Melissa Mann – Check Out

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