Dan Gee

Swansea Doesn’t Understand You

Today was the day I walked through the streets of Swansea, forever bumping into old ladies with no teeth who didn’t apologise for not looking where they were going; or seeing girls, pregnant twice before they were even 18, sneering at me in the park like snobs with their latest boyfriend, who sat pale like Casper the ghost but about as friendly as the people who queued in front of me in the chip-shop. They shouted at the greasy looking person behind the counter, they asked questions about how much things were despite the prices being clearly displayed in front of them. They spoke as if they owned the place in their cheap and dirty clothes; as if they were better than everyone else and knew everything; how to act, how to look, how to speak and how to walk, through the streets, of Swansea.

Walking through the town
I step into a puddle
and see my own face

One Response

  1. cant wait til u put up the story of the irish girls!

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