Luis Berriozabal

They Call Me Names

Nina said, “My mother is always lying about me. I did take all my medicine.” When informed that the neighbors witnessed her hitting her mother, Nina said, “I swear if you let me go home I won’t hit her again. If I get angry, I will go upstairs and watch television.” Nina looked into the doctor’s eyes with tears in her eyes, “I need to take care of my mom. There is a man that is trying to woo her. I don’t want her to get her heart broken again.” When asked about her father, Nina remarked, “My father left my mom. My stepfather ran away with the maid. Her ex-boyfriend used to sleep around too.”

Nina shouted at the doctor, “I need to get home to protect her. I am sick of being in this place with all these crazy people.” With her hands and lips trembling, Nina said, “They call me names like retarded and stupid. I am none of those things.” Nina’s voice softened, “I love my mother so much. I don’t know why she won’t visit me.” Her voice exploded, “She is really making me angry. You shouldn’t believe anything my mother says.” When reminded of all the times she struck her mother, Nina said in a matter-of-fact tone of voice, “That bruise on her arm was already there when the police came. She fell or something. I didn’t push her.” Back in her room, Nina was inconsolable. She talked to herself, “I am so sad right now because my mother doesn’t love me.” She remarked about her 65-year-old mother, “She is probably going to get married again and have another baby and she will forget all about me.”

One Response

  1. Luis,

    My wife Maria and I are going to be in Los Angeles on Friday & Saturday. We are leaving San Antonio on Thursday and staying in San Diego on Thursday night.
    If you have some available time while we are in L.A.,, we would like to meet you. Please let me hear from you.

    Manuel Berriozábal
    Home: 210-734-8484
    cell: 210-836-7846

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