Verless Doran


Folsom Prison Cell Block D Cell D138

“The song is ‘Love Me Tender.” Pablo says.
“Good song.” Hank muses. “Okay, who am I?”
“Your name is Brandy.” He says, closing his eyes. “You’re twenty two years old. You have short red hair and a soft round face. You have a birthmark high on your cheek that looks a little like a strawberry. You have green eyes. You have a nice, curved body. Some people might call you a little chubby, but not me. To me you are perfect.”
“What am I wearing?”
“You’re wearing a pink tank top and cut-off jeans. You’ve just come in from hanging out the clothes. You’re sweating, because it is hot outside.”
“Okay.” Hank says. “What am I doing now?”
“You walk over to the kitchen sink.” Pablo says, opening his eyes. “You are starting the dishwater. Putting dishes into the sink.”
“Like this?” Hank says. He gets up and walks over to the little metal sink in the corner of the cell. He starts pantomiming filling it with dishes.
“Yes.” Pablo says. “Just like that. I come up behind you. I am being very sneaky.” He gets up off the bunk. Walks over to Hank, softly. He puts his arms around his stomach. “Then you startle.”
Hank startles.
“You say, ‘Not now, the kids will be home in a minute.” Pablo says.
Hank says, “Not now, the kids will be home in a minute.”
Pablo kisses Hank on the neck. It is a soft kiss. “That’s okay, it should only take me a minute.” He says. “Now, you laugh and put your hands behind you, on my neck and put your fingers in my hair. Rub your butt against me, like a cat.”
Hank does this. “Now what?”
“Turn around and kiss me.”
Hank turns around and they kiss in the darkness of the cell.
“Now go down.” Pablo says.
Hank does. “Like this?”
“Yes, like that. That’s it.” Pablo closes his eyes as Hank unhinges his pants and begins to work. First with his hand, and then with his mouth. “Brandy.” Pablo says. “Say my name.”
“Pablo.” Hanks says, as his mouth wraps around him. He does this for several minutes, until Pablo almost climaxes, and then he pushes him gently away.
“Now lie down.” Pablo says.
“Like this?” Hank says.
“Yes. Let me take your clothes off.”
Hank does.
“Now,” Pablo says, “play with your hair. Twirl it around your fingers.”
Hank does. Pablo watches him for a long time.
Pablo climbs on top of him. He slips into him easily. “Now moan, just a little.”
Hank does.
“Put your hands on my back.” Pablo says. He closes his eyes again.
He does.
“Call me, ‘baby.”
“Baby.” Hank says.
Pablo moves a little faster. They kiss long and hard and deep. He has his hands all over Hank. He touches him like he is touching a woman. He does not open his eyes. “Now, when I tell you I’m sorry, you tell me it’s okay.”
“Okay.” Hank says.
“I’m sorry, Brandy.”
“It’s okay.”
“Say, ‘It’s okay, baby.”
“It’s okay, baby.”
Pablo puts his head into Hanks neck. He pushes longer and harder, but he is not hurting him. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, Brandy.”
“It’s okay, baby.”
“I don’t know why I do what I do. I don’t know why I am what I am.”
“It’s okay, baby.”
Pablo kisses Hank long and hard on the neck. Breathes into it hot and quick. “Tell me you forgive me.”
“I forgive you.”
“Tell me you love me.”
“I love you.”
“Say, ‘I love you, baby.”
“I love you baby.”
“Say, ‘We can get through this.”
“We can get through this, baby.”
“Tell me you’ll wait for me.”
“I’ll wait for you.”
Pablo groans, and spills himself into Hank. He tells Hank to touch his face. Hank does. Pablo rolls off of him. They lie together on the cell floor. They are both breathing hard, looking at the ceiling. After a few minutes, Pablo turns to Hank.
“Okay, your turn.” He says.
“Alright.” Hank says. “The song is “Lady in Red.”

One Response

  1. !!!!wonderful writing!!!!

    so good that i’m seriously tempted to reoffend – esp now i’ve gone all disco & got a new song:

    so alone i feel at times wondering if you’re truly mine
    can’t you see the tears falling from my eyes
    my heart seems to bleed when i feel the meat
    to hold you in my arms and you pull away
    now i may be wrong but my feelings just don’t lie
    about this emptiness down deep inside, that’s why

    i’ve got to feel the meat
    got to feel the meat
    feel the meat in me

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