Golden Words

by Kathy Polenberg

(reprinted from Outsider Writers with permission)

It’s true I think, the day is come that golden is now. The delivery system that brings the bounty of golden electronically also carries out the unripe with equal efficiency and speed. I see people become anxious and jealous that the “good” is at risk of being diluted or contaminated by the “bad” which flows with equal vitality.

However- my feeling is the flow matters more. Honestly, is the torrent going to drown literature really. Like water: a single drop has the very same properties- behaves exactly the same as a lake of water. Can we only drink from the lake? Can’t we rinse and spit sometimes without forgetting the lake is there?

Every drop of water, for example, that’s ever been on this planet is still here- having been drunk by dinosaurs, having been peed by Hitler, having watered Victorian roses, having made Kool Aid and poison, been shed from tear ducts, sweat from slaves. We are writing with the mass consciousness amassed from all time. We recycle like water, and we behave singularly and like the whole of humanity at once. There is no emergency – no drought. Just a bad taste sometimes.

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