We asked our friend Sharifullah in Karachi, what the folks think of America.

“The people in Karachi and in Pakistan do not favor the US. They do not like the American influence and interference in Pakistan’s political affairs. Of course Musharraf, the Ruler of Pakistan favors America, but the people don’t. Our opposition party leader, Banazir Bhutto, who was murdered in December, criticized American policy in her speech at the United Nations. Many Paki’s think Bhutto was killed by American agents.

Even our government knows that America only cares about its own interests. They used the Mujahideen to defeat the Russians when they invaded Afghanistan. Now they want to get rid of the Mujahideen. This only makes them more aggressive. Everywhere the Mujahideen attack Pakistani troops. So Pakistan faces many difficulties both from within and from outside.

But not all the people are against America. The Mujahideen are mainly from the Northern Frontier, Pathan and Pashton. Other people are normal, not extremists. But they think America created the Mujahideen. We have other major concerns as well, corruption, high inflation, and street crime. Both our countries are facing the threat of terrorism, which we both helped create. And as ye sow, so shall ye reap.”

– Sharifullah
Karachi, Pakistan

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