Juice Hardung – four poems

Melanie Browne – Decoy

Courtney J. Campbell – doubting sidewalks

Carolyn Srygley-Moore – three poems

Barabara Hilal – two poems

Sarah Williams – Gone

David McLean – five poems

Anjan Sen – two poems

Brittony Johnson – three poems

Robert Warrington – Frightened Boy

J. Michael Niotta – fire

Simon Friel – from upon Monjuic

Steve Young – three poems

Eloise Williams – My Body Is Old Porridge

Paul Cooper – The Hard Sell

Maria Gornell – three poems

Aleathia Drehmer – four poems

RC Miller – five poems

John Grochalski – five poems

Jack Henry – five poems

Timothy Gager – six poems

Heather Ann Schmidt – Upon Witnessing Love

George Anderson – two poems

Nabina Das – two poems

Charles C Brooks III – poems

William Dean Freeman – three poems

Jake Tucker – four poems

Zach King-Smith – three poems

TS Collins – Vairocana

Catherine Zickgraf – You At the Gate

David Stillwagon – three poems

Jason Robinson – six poems

Suzy Devere – Rope Love

Allagash Sinclair – Culturally Speaking

Shane Allison – four poems

Helen Peterson – two poems

Justin Hyde – ten poems

Bob Bradshaw – two poems

Si Philbrook – the list of things you’ll only do once

Joy Leftow – Body Language

David L Tickel – fourteen poems

Dennis MaGahin – three poems

Mira Horvich – three poems

Howie Good – two poems

Puma Perl – three poems

Misti Rainwater-Lites – poems and photos

Melissa Mann – The Bag She Keeps Her Mind In

Nikesh Murali – Dirty Moon

Richard Wink – eight poems

Steve Ely – five poems

Andrew Taylor – three poems

Sean McGrady – Communion

Sean Mcgahey – two poems

AJ Kaufman – two poems

David LaBounty – five poems

Melissa Hansen – audio poems

John Grey – What Sets Me Apart

Darryl Salach – 2 poems

Anthony Liccione – 3 poems

Karl Koweski – Gretchen

Dan Provost – Why Mother Is Paying Huge College Bills

Rohith Sundararaman – 2 poems

Aleathia Drehmer – Magic To Be Found

Rusty Barnes – The Ex-Boyfriend Checks In

Juan Israel Espanol – 4 poems

Matt Finney – A Genpak Product

Rob Plath – 2 poems

Scurvy Bastard – 2 poems

Bradley Mason Hamlin – 6 poems

Felino Soriano – 2 poems

Steve Finbow – A Disneyland in My Armpit

David Oprava – Whilst Busy Living

Graham Isaac – Neo Takes the Blue Pill

Mick Brazel – Two Joints in Kunming

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    Please update your records.

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