Felino Soriano

Scenes and Takes # 38, 1

A pliable vision, conducted
within a musicality, a
mind mirage, an appropriate
dichotomy, if allowed; landscaped
horizonal distance of burgeoned bloom,
akin to vertical trumpets on hiatus,
reliving a nascent existence
without emotional fervor
blown through the bell
of fully developed contours.
The relevant is here, dissipates.  Colors
crawl toward their mothers’
defense, bending in their newly
blurred blend, a sophisticated wield
of contemporary childhood.  The reinvention
of invention, of terminology
plants itself beneath the derogatory term of
monotony.  Spanning months, tonal

Scenes and Takes # 39, 1 

A wobble to the earth, an unbalanced
stride.  More so the translation of
tongues attached to its people, the
characteristics of belonging, the fundamental
So many searches within selves, the cracks
of cornered diversities, cobwebbed blemishes
taped to the foreheads, the visualized before
Realm holds the hand of spectrum
blanketing a distance of overwhelm.
Language develops onto a film of
instantaneous delineation    inclusion,
a paradox of interlarding,
facilitating an acclimation,

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