Jason Robinson


human beings
drown their sorrows
in various ways
it torments my soul
not to sleep
restless am I
at the witching hour
choking slightly
branches fall
ideas form randomly
the wallaby pounces
the deer jumps
out of the woods
into oncoming traffic
there are fatalities
lives are shattered
by a freak of nature
yet we soldier on
plunged into numbness
partakers of bitter poison
like automatons
we mask the pain
we surrender completely


I would
rather see
a film alone
at times
when the boy
does not get
the girl
or the good
guy dies
at the end
morose and
I wax poetic
as I leave
the theatre
and drive
to the
and ponder
next week’s
will consist
of English muffins
or bagels
the fai ry tale
is desirable
when the boy
gets the girl
and the good
guy lives
it just doesn’t
really happen
that way much

The New Moon Café

clad in ray bans
jean shorts and backpack
iPod adorned I arrive
at The New Moon Café
my town’s hipster dive
at the intersection of
Richland and Laurens
world music blaring
the coffee an organic blend
I see a bumper sticker
it says Tybee Island bomb squad
the free speech zone where
old newspapers go to die
and the wall is covered
with signs from every
liberal democratic candidate
the counter guy has on
a faux event staff t-shirt
and the cook looks
strikingly like Che Guevara
just lacking beret and AK-47
the hardwood floors
hold antique furniture
the paintings say Jeffrey Hair
and North Aiken Elementary
the tea sweet and anti-sweet
I sit and write on this
ninety-six degree day
very deep in Carolina
and all is justified
when I see the sign:
break the chains-
shop independent stores
and it all finally makes sense

Ambulance Ride

the double doors
of the ambulance closed
going from one hospital
to another
a non-emergency
a nuisance
a drain on the system
out on sunset boulevard
the bright day dawns
illuminating the Hollywood sign
reminding me of failure
and of deception
I arrive at the madhouse
on a ridge overlooking the city
in whose bosom lies bedlam
and unrest
soon I will return home
beaten down and defeated
the city will remain
her web ever sticky
waiting just waiting to consume


Through melancholy backwoods
These words transport me
Drawing different conclusions
To fragmented rhythms
To a modicum of sentimental madness
And of reverie unrestrained
I charge you with redemptive superpowers
Descend now from the pinnacle
Of your highest aspiration
Bow to the chilling call of aloneness
Eat and drink from the gut of humanity
Capitulate in all matters pecuniary
Surrender the body revolt with the soul
The angels of the abyss beckon

Wicked Wicked Wine

red wine
the not so kind
I am not speaking
of merlot or
of cabernet sauvignon
or an elegant
dinner at
tavern on the green
a dry, full-bodied red
swimming in a deep
crystal glass
it can seduce you
it can make you drunk
but getting down and dirty
in a liver busting rage
a balled up in the
fetal position in an
extended crying jag
on the floor of your
basement flat
you need the rotgut
the cheap crap
it comes in a jug
it comes in a box
it comes in little bottles
wrapped in brown bags
mad dog
it’s all the same
pedro just outta
the joint
panhandles a fiver
suck a bottle down
an hour later
he gets the blue-light
special for
pissing on a dumpster
now he’s back in
county lock-up
for thirty days
and a long thirty nights
linda in her doublewide
with cheating beating
truckin’ husband carl
on the road again
kevin 4 megan 3
on the sleeper sofa
in front of the TV
she rinses fills the
big gulp cup
fills it to the brim
begins the slow dance
to oblivion again
left the gas stove on
way up high
dreamed that the
children were screaming
that the walls were melting
she also dreamed that her last
sip of red really was her last
but it was, oh it was
and bacchus roared
and satan proudly applauded
“next” they said
and the demons of death

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