Michele Rodriguez


I always flux from confidence to complete lack of belief.
Confidence is what everyone wants.
I sometimes can’t stand everyone.
Sometimes is my friend.
All this energy just busting to get out,
Where to put it?
Why do I have to have all of this you in me?
Yes, I’m talking about you…and you…and you too.
It’s like I want to squish all of you inside me,
but still I wouldn’t be satisfied
unless I could get you to finally do what needs to be done.
That’s right, I know what needs to be done,
but we’re always listening to those who forgot what needs to be done
and buy into that everyone wants thing instead.
We forgot that little voice which was why we first began.
We did all the work and bought the fashion instead of the force.
We told ourselves we had to do it.
Is it always the artists who are sharing the important truths?
Their kind of truths we have to reach for and search deep
and even when we think we’ve got it
you never really know what’s there.
It’s up to you…they say.
I can’t interpret it for you…they say.
So we put it all together just for one day…
The innocent child, the corrupt politician, the artist,
the stupid blonde, the football player,
the one who just got laid off and drinks to get drunk,
and the one that got promoted who drinks to toast themselves,
the scared as shit single mother and the selfish boy charmed ex father,
the bored housewife and the pushover, door opening, husband.
the CEO who thinks his value is only in dollars
and the businessman who seems more like a magician
SHOVE them in here,
each and every generalization and stir it up, stir it up,
all this pent up energy until it has to explode,
or we have to face one another, and realize,
the actual truth is we’re all each and every generalization
just waiting to happen.
The answer was kindness and understanding all along.
On each and every path for everyone
even when you sometimes hate everyone
and sometimes seems like your only friend.

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