Nabina Das

two poems

Othello’s Path

Butterflies dropped dead from branches
Where they never grew
Dewdrops of nights that stifled dawns
Lay on your path

Or were they tiny handkerchiefs
Outlining a long sorrowful track?
White of course
Black with guile

Wordsmiths called
It green, envy
But when the foliage died
No one was left to pry

So, don’t walk that path dear Othello
Don’t wipe your eyes with
Those thunderstruck fingers, they’ll teach
You rage and us a loss forever to linger.


In very hot weather
Flowers wilt like bouquets
As do kneeling gardeners
But no one hears them.

It is fashionable for us to
Take bouquets – not words –
To happy or sad rituals where
No one deciphers the flowers.

We can shade the buds
But that may deter buzzing bees
Heavy with the delusion of summer
And the ensuing calm

One Response

  1. […] the young enthusiastic editor of RaedLeaf Poetry-India recorded her own reading of my poem “Othello’s Path“. Here’s the Vocaroo audio […]

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