The Queen of Rock ‘n Roll by Darryl Salach

the place was around the corner.

‘turn left at the first set of lights,
you can’t miss it, I’ll meet you there.’
said a co-worker of mine.

it was a hot afternoon in July
and a few cold beers at Marilyn’s Bar
sounded quite fitting indeed.
I arrived at the bar in a very short time,
it was nestled in an industrial park
not far from work and it was
hidden from the street so if you
missed the neon sign which had a picture
of Marilyn Monroe smiling seductively
trying to keep her skirt down, you would
miss it, think the picture
was the popular subway photo with the
breeze of the subway car tickling her thighs,
I recognized the white dress.
I sat there in my car, lit a puff of weed
and reminiscing a short while about Marilyn
and how Joe Dimaggio had to be the luckiest
man alive, waking up to her back then had to
be better than getting a hit in 56 consecutive games.

after a few more puffs, I entered the bar Continue reading