Here’s the Laptop, Now Write a Book by Jennifer Cuddy

A promising new Literary movement is emerging across the pond in the small cafes and crowded flats of Europe. In the spirit of the ‘Beat Poets’ and writers of the fifties ( Jack Kerouac, William S Burroughs, Allan Ginsberg; et al.,) these gifted young artists who call themselves The Offbeat Generation are attempting to carry on the tradition of writing for art’s sake; rather than writing for fame and fortune.

The group’s founder, Andrew Gallix, is also owner and chief editor of the online literary magazine 3:AM.  This zine is cleverly marketed towards the ‘hipster generation’ a generation desperate for role models such as themselves, in our age of self-centeredness and materialism and generalized apathy to art, and most sadly, to Literature.

These loosely affiliated writers ( Andrew Gallix, Ben Myers, Adelle Stripe, Lee Rourke, Matthew Coleman, Heidi James, Vim Cortez, Joe Ridgewell, and Tony O’Neil ) to name just a few, found themselves through common interests, and through the expansion of various social networking sites on the internet that have proven to be profoundly cathartic to the millions of unheard voices of youth. Continue reading