Taylor Carola

Derrick and Alondra


Her beauty irradiated with such an intensity that it blinded me. I cleaned my glasses with my shirt; it might’ve been an illusion. But when I put them back on there she was. Her brown chocolaty hair cascaded down her back in a perfect “V.” And even though her green eyes were covered by dark sunglasses I knew they shone as bright as emeralds glinting in the sun.

If she only knew… It had been August 14th the first time I saw her. It had been August 14th that I knew I was destined to be alone. The girl of my dreams, and surely my soul mate, didn’t even know I was alive. She was way out of my league and I was meant to admire her from afar. She’d never hear the songs I write for her just like I’d never hear the words “I love you, Derrick” come out of her mouth.

“Dude!” Austin broke my trance, slapping my shoulder. “Party tonight! My place.” He left for his next class as soon as I confirmed my attendance.

I glanced back at her, wanting one last mental picture of her to give me strength to finish my day. What I found there was more astonishing and breathtaking than I could’ve ever imagined. The two biggest, brightest, greenest-green emeralds looked straight at me. We locked eyes for what seemed like an eternity, it was as if only the two of us existed. My body was unable to move. I couldn’t blink or even breathe. What if I scared her away?

Just before her friend called her name I could’ve sworn I saw the corners of her lips twitching into a smile. She turned to her friends as she slid her sunglasses back on. I turned my back on her and walked to my next class. I was laughing the whole way for even thinking that she’d noticed me. What a silly idea!


Oh, God! I cannot believe he caught me staring! I could feel the blood rushing to my face and hoped he hadn’t seen me blush. I’ve been in love with Derrick since middle school. But he didn’t even know I existed. Now that he notices me I look like a total moron with my mouth twitching in a nervous glitch. I was half way to a smile but still didn’t decide to smile. While debating the option to smile, I stared at him. He probably thinks he’s got monkeys on his face.

If he only knew… If he only knew I stare at his beautiful brown eyes, the blackest hair I’ve ever seen and his guitar-toned arms. Derrick was the essence of a rock god. He’d think I’m a silly, obsessed girl, not to mention a lunatic, if he knew how I fantasized that the songs he wrote about the girl of his dreams were actually about me. Sometimes I wonder, what if…? But I stop myself before I get carried away.

I said I would tell him how I feel before we each parted our own ways, being that we are both in high school, but deep down in my heart I knew that would not happen. I guess I’ll always just wonder.

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