Barbara Hilal

two poems

Ramblings of an old Woman

Einstein said.
“Life is a group of events happening in space time”
It is not supposed to be permanent
Depression is the result of losing a love object
a disappointment
Jung says
Expecting to be disappointed is a sigh of maturity
Many great works of art are the outcome of depression.
Unless depression becomes stuck in time, it will be interrupted by many things
Stuck in time-Prozac it!
remediable-take a cruise-eat lots of sugar or caffeine
maybe a little extra sex or some other less-mentionable escapades
Depression calls for Expression!!
get one up on your opponent or enemy
sneer at them and the crowd
become king or queen of something
outdo everybody!
Look down at them!!
get loads of forbidden literature and foods
lock the door
rage like a lion and attack the mess of it!!
Lay on your back and burp!
(this is only for the severely depressed or repressed)
endure it all
wear a hood and habit
invent an order lead it
The fore mentioned should work
if not
send for a helmet with built in electro shock treatments
People accept sports better than mental illness
tell them you’re playing
“Psycho Ball Bounce”
place an ad in classifieds
remember success isn’t permanent either.
neither is death
I hope


little minnards have slimy innards
goggly eyes, voluptuous thighs
larger fish are slick but boring
minnards-alluring, attraction- enduring
don’t accept less, they’re simply the best
slick inside then slip and slide
slimy, slick, slippery slap
goggly eyes, that hypnotize
slimy skies and mucousy nets
buckets fulla minnards flopping
scaley tails in snotty pails
fishy swishing, never stopping

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