Our musical friend Schmick from P-earth (Perth, Australia) has gone walkabout. We asked him if he’d keep a journal.

“I’m too lazy to do a proper journal but I’ll give you a brief synopsis. This lady who booked us four years ago to come up to Hong Kong now works at a huge amusement-conservation park. They booked us to play seven days a week for two months. Fucking intense but well worth it for the experience and the money. Earned roughly what I would make in about a year and a half back home.

Then I made a spur of the moment decision not to go home but to stay in Hong Kong. Found out my brother who I see once every couple of years has just moved to China so I decided to go see him. Love the place. Sat around up at this remote mountain lake and sang songs with some locals. We’d sing and then they’d sing and we’d drink and repeat that. Went back to Hong Kong and moved out of my apartment and partied with my friends there who are artists, musicians, and various other occupations. Played some gigs with a musical collective known as Spermatic Chord and left for China for six months. 

Since being in China have been in bar room brawl trying stop guys from stabbing each  other and my girlfriend with bottles. Made friends with a bunch of Quebec punks who have a band called the Quebec Redneck Bluegrass Project. Smoked copious amounts of weed. Been into Burma through the back door for a couple of hours and ate sugar cane and saw an illegal logging coup run by the Chinese. Smoked opium heroin and amphetamines for the first and last time. Especially the heroin. Seen snow for the first time and snowboarded on it. Played a gig at reggae bar and a hostel and a normal bar. And today I am going to Shangri La. That’s it so far….what happens next is a mystery.”

– Schmick
somewhere in China

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