The Larger-than-Life Structure:

Did God create humans, or did humans create God? On a practical level –who created religion? It’s quite obvious that religion was created by humans. The need for a large framework, full of principles, laws, myths and restrictions has always been attractive to mankind. Anything that is greater than you may appear trustworthy, like a parent to a mindless child. Therefore, religion was invented, containing many social principles that mankind can live by. Being blind to the true essence of the divine, people look for answers outside. And so – out of respect and apprehension, the business with god was left in the hands of the clergy, to mediate between the almighty and the simple man.

The painting “The Creation of God” depicts a group of people cultivating a huge impressive structure which they consider as heavenly. They look at the external reflection of divinity, not understanding that they are an essential part of the divine. The truth exists in the immanency of things. To see more, visit The Magnificent Art of Orna Ben-Shoshan.

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